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! Thanks for applying to the Manufacturer's Rebate Club.  We manually go through each application to verify your details, and if accepted, we will notify you within 72 hours by email.

If you're accepted into the club, you will be getting access to our rebate offers on Amazon for all our Da'Dude products!

The reason we give you 80-100% off rebates is because we want our members to post about our product on Facebook or Instagram, to generate social buzz for our new product.

While you're waiting to be approved, let's discuss the most common questions that we get from new members:

=========== “How exactly does all this work?” ===========

(1) You will always purchase the participating products right through Amazon, so you're guaranteed a safe and secure checkout.

(2) When we offer a 80-100% off manufacturer's rebate, we will send you complete instructions on how to find the correct product on Amazon, and you will complete the checkout. NOTE: An Amazon review is NOT mandatory and is not a condition for getting this deep discount.

(3) Just pay shipping, or if you're Amazon PRIME, even shipping is free! (We do not reimburse for shipping.)

(4) If accepted into the club, you will be sent a Rebate Request Form to fill out. You will provide proof of purchase details, such as the Amazon order ID. The form is online and very easy to fill out (takes less than three minutes.) You will need to fill out this form EVERY TIME you grab one of these 80-100% off deals, so we know when to process your rebates!
If you ever run into trouble filling it out or have questions, you can always reach our Help Desk at:

(5) These deals are extremely popular and very limited quantity. How do we announce when we have a 80-100% off manufacturer's rebate deal?
Members are emailed immediately when they are eligible for a rebate deal, as soon as they become available.

To qualify, you must click on the special link that will be given in those emails.
Full details are then provided, including where to fill out the online form to receive your rebate.

(6) How are the rebates sent? ONLY PayPal will be used to issue rebates. (We do not send checks. This is to keep our overhead costs low. Sorry, PayPal only.)
(7) How fast will I get my rebate? We will send your rebate by PayPal within 31 business days (or sooner.) This is MUCH faster than just about every other rebate program out there!

(8) Limit 1 rebate request per member for each promotion. We have had people try to purchase 20 products or more and then expect a 100% rebate on all of them — that’s just taking advantage.

Rebates will be limited to 1 unit per member for each promotion. If you choose to purchase multiple units of an offer, you will only be eligible for a rebate on 1 unit — No exceptions.

(9) What if I fail to receive the product? Since all orders are placed through Amazon, it was most likely a shipping delay from their warehouse. (We have nothing to do with shipping of the products. That is handled by Amazon.)
However, if you run into problems, feel free to
contact our help desk, and we will do our best to help you steer you in the right direction:

(10) How do I know this isn't a scam? All orders are placed right through Amazon, one of the most trusted ecommerce websites in the world. The worst that could happen would be you getting a refund directly from Amazon.

However, as we have explained, you will receive your rebates by PayPal within 31 business days. ===================================

I hope that answers your questions!

Our Manufacturer's Rebate Club is something special. It is a two way road: We trust that our members will always treat these offers fairly, and we always strive to find & provide some amazing deals for you.

However, if we find members taking advantage of our program, they will be removed from all future participation.

We have great support, so if you ever have a question or concern, you can always reach our Help Desk, and we always try to reply within 24 hours (typically much sooner unless it’s the weekend):

We are currently in the process of reviewing your application. If accepted, you will be getting access to some of the most amazing rebate deals available anywhere!

If you do not wish to participate in this club after reading these rules, you can always "unsubscribe" in the link at the bottom of our emails, and you will be removed.

Thanks for applying, and good luck!

Angelika Young





Reach out below or directly to with any questions or concerns and we will get back to you!

You can also send us a direct via Instagram or Facebook at @dadude_hair
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