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About Us - Our Philosophy and Mission

Embark on an entrepreneurial journey with us, where the thrill of innovation meets the warmth of tradition. At the heart of our venture lies a story woven through decades, a tale of passion and dedication that has blossomed into the esteemed brands of Da'Dude & Young Hair.
Angelika & Gary Young - we are the custodians of a legacy that spans over half a century, rooted in the charming surf town of Varberg, Sweden. Our saga began in a quaint hair salon, where the seeds of creativity were sown by my mother's loving hands. In 2015, we embraced this heritage, infusing it with our vision to empower individuals through the art of hairstyling, crafting looks that resonate with one's essence.
We noticed a void in the market, a yearning for products that could offer an unparalleled experience. Driven by an unwavering commitment to our clientele, we embarked on a quest to fill that void. With the support of my partner, Gary, we unleashed our fervor, giving birth to a bespoke range of hair care essentials, starting with the revolutionary Da'Hair Spray.
Our odyssey continued with the unveiling of Da'Wax, followed by the nurturing touch of Da'Beard Oil, and the refreshing zest of Da'Salt Water Spray - your daily passport to the coveted beach hair aesthetic.
This is more than just a fulfillment of dreams; it's our tribute to the community that has stood by us, entrusting their stories and locks to our care. We take pride in crafting affordable, salon-grade products that seamlessly integrate into your daily rituals.
Our lineage, rich in hair mastery and heartfelt service, is distilled into every product we offer. Our mission is simple yet profound: to infuse joy and foster self-assurance in the Swedish tradition, delivering it right to your doorstep, across the globe.
Our Philosophy:
Beauty is not just an attribute; it's your inherent right. We guide you in selecting the hairstyle that is a true reflection of you. Gazing into the mirror, you'll recognize the exquisite miracle you are. This self-realization is a gateway to deeper connections, not just with oneself but with the world's splendor. Self-confidence is not just attractive; it's transformative. It illuminates, influences choices, and unveils the goodness in all. It's the key to unlocking your potential and refining your impact on the world. Self-assurance and inner radiance pave the way for compassion, mindfulness, and a life lived more fully.
We are devoted to your satisfaction, ready to go above and beyond to ensure that every product from our range meets your highest expectations.
Co-Founder of DA'DUDE and YoungHair Brands
"Join us in a hair revolution - a journey of self-love that amplifies your capacity to cherish others."
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You can also send us a direct via Instagram or Facebook at @dadude_hair
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