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About Us - Our Philosophy and Mission

Starting a business is never easy. You have to watch over your shoulder for what your competitors can do. Then you need to bring innovation and novelty into your customers’ lives. And, above all, you need to cover the gaps left by the competition. But we love a good challenge. Especially if we have a story to support it and keep us moving forward.

Gary & Angelika Young - Da'Dude

We are Angelika & Gary Young, and Da’Dude & Young Hair are the main brands in our family business portfolio. 

Our story goes back more than 50 years when my mother opened a hair salon in the small surfing coastal town of Varberg, Sweden. I picked up on her passion and in 2015, we took charge of her salon. As a professional hairdresser and salon owner, my main mission is to help people regain their self-confidence, and listen to their stories. So is styling their hair in a way that matches their look, and personality.

Yet, I thought something was missing from the professional products I was using. I only want what’s best for my customers. Not being able to offer them the “full experience” as I imagined it became a source of frustration. So, along with help from my husband, we did what any hyper-passionate person would do. We created the hair product range I needed in my day-to-day job. Starting with Da’ Hair Spray in 2015, only 2 years after I took over my mother’s salon. This is how our Da Dude brand’s story began.

Later that year, we introduced Da’Wax. In 2016, we brought another product to the market: Da’Beard Oil. In  2017, we introduced Da’Salt Water Spray - a means to provide that “beach look” hair every day of the year. The latest addition to our little collection is Da’Power Powder, launched in 2019.

It’s more than a dream come true, it’s our way of giving back to the community. To the people who have trusted us with their hair, hearts, and personal histories along our journey. Being able to develop affordable, professional hair products that you can also use in your day-to-day life is no easy mission. But we’re proud to say that after a long ideation and “test and learn” process- we’ve made it. 

55 years’ worth of family tradition in hair and customer care are condensed in both our product line. And the reason we are doing this is simple. To bring joy and build personal confidence in the Swedish way- to your house, all over the world.

Our Philosophy

We are all beautiful. It is our birthright. We help you choose the hairstyle that matches you. This way, when you look in a mirror you can easily see you are a beautiful living miracle. Seeing your own beauty allows you to connect with yourself at a deeper level. To focus on the beauty that is all around you. Self-confidence is gorgeous and looks good on you. It makes anybody shine. It helps you make better choices. See the good in anything. Unlock your full potential, and improve your line of action in this world. Self-confidence and inner beauty allow us to be more compassionate, and aware of our thoughts. All that whilst being more accepting, happier, and more assertive. 

We care about you and we are willing to go that extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with any of our products!

If I can be of service to you, like giving advice on how to get the best results using our product(s), do not hesitate to contact me by clicking her

Angelika Young Signature YoungHair AB Ltd

Co-Founder of DA'DUDE and YoungHair Brands

"We believe in a hair revolution – a path to loving yourself more, so you can be more loving to others."



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