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May 26,2024

Ride the Waves: A Man's Guide to Perfect Beach Hair

This one's for all surfers, sun-seekers, and dudes who want to shake up their boring hair routine! You've probably seen those guys with perfectly tousled waves, strutting along the beach with enviable confidence? You know, the kind of hair that screams "just rode a perfect wave" even if the closest you get to the ocean is a documentary? Well, quit worrying, guys. This guide will turn your next beach trip (or even a regular day) into a hair commercial.

We can all relate to the struggle. Beach days can be a nightmare for hair. Between the salty water, windblown chaos, and that embarrassing seaweed incident from last summer, it's easy to feel like your hair has had it for you from the get-go. But here's the secret: beach hair is all about embracing the natural, messy look. It's about unleashing your hair and basking confidently in those wild tresses, just like you're one with the ocean.

And to strike that perfect balance between messy and manageable, we've got a weapon in our arsenal: Da' Salt Water Spray.


The Salt Water Spray adding volume and texture for men

What is Da' Salt Water Spray?

You no longer have to bother your pretty head about greasy products or stiff styling gels. This stuff is like a magic potion straight from the ocean itself (minus the mermaids, of course). It's a concoction of natural ingredients like salt water and minerals, that nourish your hair while infusing it with that coveted "just-surfed" texture. Think volume, touchable hold, and waves that look like they were sculpted by Poseidon himself. Basically, it's your ticket to effortless beach chic.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Here's how to style your hair for the beach, no matter the length:



Jason Momoa rocking beachy waves created by salt water spray


For dudes endowed with long manes, Da' Salt Water Spray is your new best friend. It'll transform your hair into a masterpiece worthy of a beach king. Here's the recipe for those perfect, surfer-boy waves:


Man taking a shower before using Da'Salt Water Spray in grooming routine
  1. Embrace the Dampness: You can get off easy without a full shower. A quick rinse or even just a post-surf head dunk will do. Towel-dry your hair until it's damp, not soaking wet.
  2. Hydration is Key: Apply a moisturizing conditioner to prevent your hair from drying out in the sun and salt.
 Handsome Asian man conditioning his hair at a stylist's shop
  1. Detangle with Care: Gently run through your hair with a wide-toothed comb, to avoid any breakage.


Casually dressed man detangling his hair with a wide-toothed comb before a date 

     4. Saltwater Spritz: Here comes the magic! Spray Da' Salt Water Spray generously all over your hair. You'll               need about 6-8 spritzes for even distribution.

     5. Scrunch it Up: Scrunch your hair upwards with your fingers, to work the product in and inspire those                   beachy waves to take shape.

     6. Finger Magic: Twirl sections of your hair between your fingers to add extra texture and definition to the               waves.

     7. Low and Slow Drying: You can dry your hair using a hairdryer set on low to medium heat. Don't overdo             it, as you want to keep that natural texture.

Attractive muscled man creating beachy waves using a blow-dryer and a round-brush 
  1. Voila! Beach Hair Achieved: That's it! You're ready to hit the beach with hair that looks like you just rode the perfect wave, even if you haven't.


Game of Throne's actor, Kit Harington at an event, rocking mid-length wavy hair styled by Da'Salt Water Spray
Beachy waves with short hair is possible with Da'Salt Water Spray

Having short hair does not mean you can't get in on that enviable beachy look. Here's how to sculpt those awesome, tousled waves even with shorter mane:

  1. Damp is the Goal: Just as with long hair, begin by dampening your hair. Wet it down or give it a quick rinse, then dry with a towel until it's stopped dripping.



    2. Detangling Duty: Make use of a wide-toothed comb and gently comb through your hair to avoid any                  pulling or breakage.

    3. Saltwater Power: Shake the Da' Salt Water Spray to agitate its contents and give your hair a generous                  spritz. Don't hold back; you certainly want those waves to hold!

    4. Scrunch and Wax: Encourage the waves to form by scrunching your hair upwards. Apply a small amount            of Da' Wax by Da' Dude to give your waves some definition and extra hold.

    5. Diffuser Magic: Set your hairdryer to high speed and medium heat. Then use the diffuser attachment on            your hairdryer to gently dry your hair. The diffuser helps to enhance the waves without creating frizz.




That's it, dudes! With this guide and Da' Salt Water Spray, you can summon the beach vibes to you, any day of the week. Get ready to make even the most skilled surfers green with envy, when you begin rocking those effortlessly awesome waves. Whether you wear your hair down or tie it up in a messy bun, your beach hair will exude a confident aura that's as irresistible as the ocean


Playful surfer with a surf-board showing off his wavy hair at a beach 


So next time you're missing the beach, don't just daydream about it. Bring the beach to you with Da' Salt Water Spray and make every day a beach day. After all, life's too short for boring hair!

It's time to race and subdue those waves, you beach-haired Adonis!