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How to Apply Hair Powder for Men | Hair Powder for Men Tutorial

May 21,2024


Hey there, stylish dudes! Fed up of the same regular flat hair grind? It's time to inject some serious volume and style into your life. Here comes hair powder, a trusted ally in the men's grooming arena. This isn't your grandpa's dusting powder – it's a versatile product that can turn your hairstyle from "meh" to "magazine-worthy" in minutes.

What is Hair Powder?

Hair powder is a lightweight hair styling product that introduces texture, volume, and hold, all free of the greasy weight of traditional styling creams or gels. Think of it as your secret weapon for sculpting a wide range of hairstyles, from messy quiffs to textured pompadours. Unlike other styling products, hair powder rounds you off with a matte finish, perfect for that effortless, "I woke up like this" look.

Why Use A Hair Powder?

Hair powder offers a lot more benefits  to your hair than just adding volume. Here's why you should consider incorporating it into your routine:

Volume Up!

Of-course, one of the major reasons to use hair powder is to infuse some serious volume to your hairstyle. If you can't take any more of your flat, limp hair, then this product might just be the missing piece of the puzzle for you. It absorbs excess moisture and plumps up hair strands, adding fullness and bounce for a more voluminous look. These qualities also makes it a game-changer for men with thin hair.  

Hold and Control

A hair powder like Da'Power Powder, enhances the density of your hair, making it feel thicker. As a result, you can achieve a lightweight hold without necessarily applying a wax-style product. It also offers a natural hold that keeps your hairstyle in place without feeling stiff, greasy or weighed down. It's perfect for taming flyaways and keeping your hair looking sharp all day long.

Matt Hair Effect

Running out of time for a full wash? Not a problem! Hair powder soaks up oil and sweat, making it a great option for refreshing second-day hair. It affords you that clean, matte look without needing to go through a full shampoo and style routine.


Hair powder isn't a one-trick pony. You can use it for a variety of styles, from short, textured cuts to longer, layered looks. It gives you the liberty to explore and find a style that suits your personality.

How to Apply Hair Powder (For Best Results)

Da'Power Powder Top Hair Powder Spray for men

Ready to unleash the power of hair powder? Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Begin with clean, dry, or slightly damp hair. For optimum volume, blow-dry your hair with the help of a round brush, and apply a pre-styling product like Da'Salt Water Spray to create texture. Keep your hair in check with a brush during this step.  

Salt Water Spray for Men

Step 2: Shake the hair powder bottle and apply 4-6 spritzes, about 10cm away from your head. Be sure to achieve even coverage by lifting sections of hair, especially for longer styles. Spray at the roots for maximum volume.

Hair Powder for Men

Step 3: Gently scrunch the hair powder into your hair with the help of your fingertips, working it from the roots to the ends. This enables you distribute the product evenly and creates a natural, textured look.

Hair Powder Styling

Step 4: Now comes the fun part! Use your fingers or a comb to style your hair as desired. Remember, hair powder offers a flexible hold, so feel free to experiment and create different looks.

Hair Powder Styled Hair
Extra Step: Need extra hold in specific areas? Lift a section of hair, spray a small amount of powder from a closer distance (5cm), and massage it into the roots before re-styling.

Pro Tips:

  • Less is More: Start with a little amount of hair powder and up it as needed. You can always add more, but it's harder to remove excess product.
  • Combat Shine: Hair powder is great for absorbing oil, but for extra shine control, it is recommended to apply a dry shampoo prior.
  • Experiment and Have Fun! The beauty of hair powder is its versatility. Play around with different application techniques and hairstyles to find what works best for you.


Hair powder is more than just a styling product; it's a gateway to effortless, textured hairstyles. With its ease of use and multiple benefits, it's a must-have for any man who is looking to elevate his hair game to the next level. So ditch the boring routine and embrace the power of hair powder! You won't regret it.


Check out this awesome tutorial by Ben Arthur on how to use hair powder.

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