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Spray Tan vs Self Tan

Jan 04,2023

Hey there! Have you ever found yourself gazing at your reflection in the mirror, longing for that sun-kissed glow that graces every magazine cover? You're not alone. And guess what? That perfect tan is easier to achieve than you think, and it doesn't require hours under the harmful rays of the sun. 

woman with pale complexion

You probably want to keep looking sexy in your briefs and bikinis while you sunbathe. Or you just might be looking to get in on the rage of sunless tans. Either way, there’s something for you. Right here, you will find guidance to help you decide how best to get a desirable bronzed complexion.



Sun tanning is a natural process of skin darkening by directly exposing the skin to sunlight. People get tans by lying in the sun, called sunbathing. You expose the skin to the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun. These rays penetrate the epidermis and incite the melanin pigments in the body.

In a bid to remediate the effects of UV exposure and protect the skin, the body triggers the tanning process. So, the skin activates the production of more melanin; a naturally occurring polymer in the human body. Melanin is the dark pigmentation of the skin.

sunbathing on the beach

With more melanin pigments released into the skin cells, the skin darkens; leaving the body with a tanned complexion. The resultant tan can either be evident immediately or after a few days. A tan does not last forever and can wear off within a few weeks or months. This is depending on the intensity of the melanin released.



Let's rewind the clock a little. Once upon a time, a tan was associated with outdoor manual labor and was generally undesirable. Fast forward to the 1920s, when fashion icon Coco Chanel unintentionally sparked a tanning trend after returning from the French Riviera with a bronzed complexion.

People began to view those with tanned skin as special. It meant they have the luxury of time and the ability to afford trips to warmer climates. Not to mention that gaining a honeyed complexion made one look steamy and sexy.

Suddenly, having a tan meant you were part of the leisure class, able to afford trips to sunny destinations and time to lounge in the sun. 

Sola sun tan

Fast forward a bit more to the 1980s, and we see the introduction of tanning beds, allowing people to achieve that desired tan without having to step foot outside. However, with the rise in skin cancer cases and the dangers of UV radiation becoming more apparent, a safer alternative was needed. Enter spray tanning. 

This way, people that needed to get a tan in the comfort of their homes could just as well do so without getting in the sun. There are other inventions that made sunless tanning possible. They include tanning lamps, tanning booths, and tanning lotions.



Sunless tanning quickly became an obsession and businesses sprung out of it. Sunless tanning procedures save folks the stress of traveling to sunny climes. And, it required lesser time and effort to achieve. This made it a more patronized option than lazing in the sun.

Nowadays, there are tanning studios and booths. People stand in and get flashed with high-wattage tanning bulbs. This procedure produces a bronzed result within minutes. More so, people consider this practice safer. This is because they can control the UV ray exposure from these bulbs. Unlike the uncontrolled UV radiation from the sun.

More strides in the cosmetic world have led to the development of sprays for tanning. Spray tanning is a form of self-tanning. You spray a fine mist on your body to create a tan effect. One ingredient that makes this mist so effective is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It reacts with your skin in a manner that leaves you bronzed up.



You might be a pro-nature and opt to bask in the sunlight for your tan. In the same vein, you might not have the luxury of time for sunbathing. Try some quick fixes to go with your busy schedule. Regardless of your preference, you deserve to know what both boxes hold in store for you.

Sun tanning is good for your body, especially for people with Vitamin D deficiency. Sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D. Yet, excessive exposure to sunlight's UV radiation can lead to sunburn. With spray tanning, you can get a tan without risking sunburn.

Fake Tan Spray

Spray tanning takes lesser time and is seemingly harmless. But, it certainly comes with a price. A session can cost almost $50. Sunlight is free and does not need any fee. In other words, you can be broke and still get a tan.

Natural tanning lasts longer than spray tans. A sun tan can take up to two weeks or even months before wearing off while spray tans fade within four to eight days.


To a larger extent, spray tanning looks safe and has minimal negative effects on your health. In contrast, it has been proven that sun tanning is a contributor to cases of melanoma. A lethal form of skin cancer, premature aging of the skin, and impairment of the immune system. Most of this is due to excessive exposure of the body to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.


What’s more? Spray tans are a great brand of cosmetics, suitable for virtually every skin type and skin tone. They are way safer to use. They help prevent skin cancer, premature skin aging, and skin damage. These issues result from overexposure to ultraviolet rays. With spray tans, you can get excellent tanning results. Now you do not have to be conscious of your blemishes, freckles, and sunspots.



Now, we're not saying that sun tanning is entirely bad. A little sunlight is necessary for Vitamin D production. However, excessive exposure can lead to sunburn, premature aging, and even skin cancer. With spray tanning, you can achieve a beautiful tan without these risks.

Plus, who has the time to spend hours under the sun to get a tan? With our busy lives, we need quick solutions. A spray tan session takes only a few minutes and results last between four to eight days. Compare that to a sun tan which can take hours to achieve and fades in a couple of weeks.

Let's talk you. So what if you’re in your fifties, and still intentional about showing off your great body with some pizzazz; or a young professional who loves keeping up with the latest beauty trends.

You most certainly value your health, and understand the risks associated with traditional sun tanning. For you, and many others, spray tans are a no-brainer!

Here's why you should choose spray tanning:

  • It's quick and easy: In just a few minutes, you can achieve a natural-looking tan.
  • No harmful UV exposure: You protect your skin from premature aging and skin cancer.
  • Suitable for all skin types: Whether you are of a fair or darker complexion, there's a spray tan solution for you.
  • Hides imperfections: Spray tans can help mask blemishes, freckles, and sunspots.



In this modern age where health and beauty go hand in hand, spray tanning is the way forward. It's easy, effective, and safe. Spray tans are the perfect solution for those who want the bronzed look without risking their health. They've quickly become a favorite cosmetic product and it's easy to see why.

Just remember, as with any beauty treatment, do your research and choose a reputable salon. With spray tans, you can finally get that enviable color you've been craving. So why not give it a shot? You never know, you might just find your new beauty secret weapon.

Stay golden!